Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction

From the transition of major works, public or private, to internationalization through urban rehabilitation, this sector has seen major changes in its business over the past few years.

In this context, companies have felt the need to adapt to this new reality in order to better respond to the challenges present in their daily lives.

These changes inevitably imply investment in new information management systems.

Large-scale construction projects are complex and risky. In this way, an integrated platform allows any company, regardless of the size of the project in question, to identify the best way to allocate resources and, consequently, optimize its results. This solution provides support throughout the complete construction lifecycle and helps engineering, construction and operations (EC&O) companies to manage their projects, avoid risks, while remaining competitive.

To respond to this reality, SAP has developed specific solutions for the Engineering & Construction industry, in order to help you grow profitably.

These management solutions will help you in all project management, improve margins, reduce costs and make decisions in a more accurate, agile way, with the main priorities of Pre-Construction, Project Delivery and Asset Management.

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