Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

The Food&Beverage sector presents a great dispersion in the subsector and business, constituting, in parallel, a relevant space of the European and national economy.

An appreciable evolution adapting products to consumer tastes
The sector has undergone a considerable evolution in recent years, adapting products to the taste of consumers, while trying to process them in a healthier way and presenting innovative features, in order to make them more competitive.

Changes in the way consumers perceive food
In addition to the effects of globalization, there have also been changes in the way consumers perceive food and what they expect from it, namely: in terms of quality, variety, safety and price.

Industry innovation to optimize time and resources

All of these factors make Information Technologies increasingly assume an important role in the Food industry sector, contributing to its Innovation and to the optimization of time and resources.

More sustainable and efficient production processes
Scientific and technical advances currently allow us to produce food and beverages that better adapt to consumer demand in a safe manner, with more sustainable and efficient production processes, thus responding to the demand of global markets.

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