SAP jobs

Abaco Consulting is one of the largest portuguese companies implementing SAP ERP systems and producing its own solutions. It’s a special company where you can learn, overcome challenges and work next to exceptional people.

At Abaco, we believe that successful companies depend on people who love what they do. That’s why we look for people with a curious mind, intelligent and innovative, while appreciate environments of simplicity, loyalty and openness, just like ours.

The enthusiasm we feel for technology rests on the mission of transforming companies and the lives of the people working there. We want to make the economy prosperous and work simple and light. One day, everyone will talk about us and the change we were able to make in their lives, acting serene and safe.

SAP jobs


Abaco is one of the largest Portuguese companies implementing SAP ERP systems, with projects at national and international level. It has a specialized team with about 200 consultants certified in SAP located in the five offices in which it operates: Porto, Lisbon, São Paulo, London and Genève.Abaco aims to energize this team with the integration of several professionals in its offices, which will make a valuable contribution to the expansion of the business.


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