Abaco at Portugal Connect

Abaco was present at Portugal Connect – an event sponsored by the Portugal-Mexico Chamber of Commerce and Industry, aimed to Portuguese companies in the TICE (information, communication technologies and electronics) sector, with strong motivation to have a presence in the Mexican market.

The event intended to approximate the Portuguese companies in the Mexican market and was aligned with the recent digital transformation plans announced by the country’s Government, in which the Portuguese technological companies intend to become actively involved, exploring a vast territory of opportunities enhanced by the project.

During the event subjects related to the internationalization and local support of the companies were addressed. Cristina Carvalho – Ábaco’s New Markets Manager – states that “as an international and global company it is important for Abaco to participate in this kind of initiative”and highlighted that the event was “a very good opportunity to know more about an emerging economic power in the contemporary globalized world, Mexico”.

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