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Abaco Consulting has around 220 employees and wants to recruit 60 new talents in the different geographies where operates.

Abaco Consulting, a company specialized in SAP solutions (business management software), already guarantees 31% of the turnover with its international operation. The company is present in Brazil, United Kingdom and Switzerland. For now, it does not consider expanding into other markets, although it is aware of new opportunities.

According to João Moreira, Abaco Consulting’s CEO, the turnover of the Brazilian office already represents 26%, a number considered “relevant”. In London, the weight is still 5%. In Switzerland, where “it has attracted the attention of very interesting and large-scale local prospects”, it has grown by 12%. In the latter country, the Portuguese consultant signed a partnership with Besteam Technologies, which “will enable us to reinforce our presence at European level”, believes the manager.

Abaco Consulting expects to close the year with a turnover of more than 15 million euros, which will represent a 7% growth compared to 2018. These forecasts are based on the reinforcement of investment in the business verticals where it operates and in the international presence, justifies João Moreira.

The company works mainly with clients in the textile, clothing, footwear, engineering, construction and automobile sectors. João Moreira adds that they were recently “gain, internationally, a major project for the chemical industry”, which, for reasons of confidentiality, he cannot name.

The internationalization of the activity follows two methods: opening its own offices and/or through local partners and, alternatively, services in a nearshore model. In this sense, “the opening of a new office is not, for now, a priority and will always result from a thoughtful process that comes from winning a new client that justifies this investment”, underlines Abaco Consulting executive president.

And he adds: “We will not fail to analyze new opportunities, but always in markets whose stage of maturity represents a challenge not only in the growth of the volume of business, but essentially in the degree of demand for quality in the level of services we provide”.

Abaco Consulting has around 220 employees, spread across several offices. The company has maintained the growing trend of recruitment, particularly in the areas of innovation and research, in order to implement new projects and products.

Next year, Abaco Consulting wants to recruit 60 new talents in the different geographies where it operates.

Originally published in “Dinheiro Vivo” online: [PT Only] https://www.dinheirovivo.pt/empresas/abaco-consulting-garante-31-das-vendas-no-exterior/

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