Abaco Consulting is official sponsor of the AHK Industrial Suppliers Forum 2020

AHK Industrial Suppliers Forum

Abaco Consulting will sponsor the AHK Industrial Suppliers Forum 2020, a digital event, promoted by the Luso-German Industry Chamber of Commerce, on the 19th of November.

The company is the official Sponsor and will be present as an exhibitor, where it will present its offer of SAP AMS – SAP Application Management Services, consisting of three complementary services:

– Abaco Assist: Aimed mainly at corrective support, but also preventive and evolutionary, this service is based on the availability and multidisciplinarity of an appropriate and adjusted team of specialists. It guarantees timely support due to the urgency of the problem, supported by a set of processes and procedures regarding the quality and efficiency of the service.

– Abaco Evolute: This service includes a series of recommendations inherent to the strategic evolution of the platform and the respective adoption of solutions. It is a value-added service regarding the smooth operation and updating of the technical platform.

– Abaco System Administration: The Systems Management and Administration service is comprised of a comprehensive range of services, from simple systems monitoring, to the total delivery of systems management.

These solutions were thus created with the objective of providing Abaco Customers with an excellent service of support and evolution of their information systems.

This event, organized by the network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK), aims to offer participants the ideal tool to introduce themselves to the German market and establish or increase contacts.

In this way, through the stand of the Virtual Forum, or chats, or by Skype or as part of the Forum’s Conference program, participating companies will have the possibility to establish contacts with exhibitors and visitors from other countries and thus acquire new contacts.

The AHK Industrial Suppliers Forum 2020 already has 15 participating countries and 130 exhibitors, and this virtual supplier fair is the largest of its kind in Europe.

In this sense, taking into account Abaco Consulting’s know-how and all its international strategy, it makes perfect sense for the company to mark its presence at an event where one of the preferred themes will be management systems, in order to share the best solutions for the business of participating companies.

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