Ábaco Consultores participes in the exclusive event “SAP S/4 HANA Demo21"

Abaco was chosen to be part of a small and exclusive group of companies that participated in a set of training sessions called “Demo21”, with the goal of creating a SAP S/4 ERP environment on HANA, fully configured in just 21 hours.

Ábaco Consultores’ system administration team attended the event “Demo21 – Build your SAP S/4 own HANA, edition for SAP Business All-in-One Demo Environment” and released, successfully, a SAP S/4 environment on HANA in less than 21 hours, which will now be a demo used to investigate new SAP functionalities, including SAP Simple Finance 2.0.

Despite the complexity of this process, over its course Abaco’s team fulfilled all the necessary requirements, emerging once again as a reference in the SAP world, overcoming all challenges and becoming one of the few participating companies, and the only portuguese partner, to dismiss all activities in the expected timing.

This initiative was very positive for Abaco because, according to Pedro Borges – SAP Basis consultant, “besides allowing the company to gain know-how in the technical process, it also gave us first-hand access to this SAP new asset in the ERP field,” including an environment demo with some preconfigured scenarios. “It was also a good starting point to learn about cloud computing new technologies, as well as SAP methodologies for fast delivery of demo environments”, He added.

The event also allowed SAP partners to increase demo capabilities, using standard SAP S/4 HANA functions, SAP HANA Live, SAP Fiori Applications and SAP ScreenPersonas; as well as to perform demos based on specific customer/prospect data or mass data.

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