Ábaco helps the management processes of Wock and Lemon Jelly with new project

This month Ábaco had a new project rollout at its longtime client and partner – Procalçado. This one aimed to support the management processes of two of their new companies, Walkmore and Design & More, responsible for the commercialization of two new brands: Wock and Lemon Jelly.

The Project, another one to join Ábaco’s extensive portfolio in the Apparel and Footwear industry, was meant to provide logistics, financials and human resources processes, in SAP, for the two new companies in Portugal: Walkmore and Design & More. Additional requirements were later added to its initial scope in order to provide new logistics procedures that would allow the creation and printing of labels on sales orders, that would guarantee a process of reception of goods in the new warehouses (in a mobile environment) and, last but not least, that would enable a differentiated storage process and picking, by characteristics.

A total of 8 specialized consultants participated in the project and ensured the success of the implementation. The partnership Ábaco – Procalçado was once again also a success and keeps making the last one a SAP pioneer in the footwear components area.

About Procalçado: Procalçado has more than 300 employees and two factories. It is one of the biggest Iberian manufacturers of she soles, producing about 6 million pairs of shoe soles per year, which represents an annual turnover of approximately 22 million Euros. 50% of that amount corresponds to exports, with their main markets being France, Spain, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and South Africa.

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