Abaco and Interform establish strategic partnership

Abaco Consulting, a Portuguese and international reference company in SAP solutions, established a strategic partnership with Interform. The objective of this partnership is to provide its clients with the capacity to create, in an easy, agile and efficient manner, any type of output required for business management, namely forms, shipping documents, labels, among others. It will also allow companies a constant validation of the outputs created to make sure they are always correct.

Interform, a Danish company founded in 1987, is a 100% dedicated and specialized Output management application that can be applied to SAP solutions. It has over 30 years of experience in developing solutions to improve the design and usefulness of business documents while reducing transaction costs. Today Interform is used by over 4,000 customers worldwide in all types of industries, with regional offices in Germany and a support centre in the USA.

The solution is designed to fit any business, regardless of its infrastructure, and consists of 3 key elements: Design (create any design – without programming); Workflow (create and manage any business process) and Types of outputs (all the types of outputs you need).

With this partnership, Abaco strengthens its position as a leading company in the implementation and maintenance of SAP information systems that aim to improve the operational performance of organisations. According to Nuno Figueiredo, Board Member, Sales & Marketing Director of Abaco Consulting, “we are pleased to work in partnerships that add value to Abaco and its clients. Interform will certainly be one of them! Through this partnership we can provide our clients with tools that make their daily work easier, leading to a reduction in the time spent on tasks that can be easily automated.

For Peter Sørensen, CEO of Interform “working with Abaco Consulting will be a great help to both our existing customers and Abaco’s customers looking for a reliable and efficient output management tool. It is great to see that what we have been working hard for is valued by a well-known SAP partner like Abaco Consulting. We have already been involved in several projects together and are looking forward to many more.”