Abaco launches Abaco Training Academy

Abaco Training Academy has been designed and created to provide high-quality professional training services

Ábaco Consultores, a company that specializes in the implementation of SAP solutions, presents its new line of business, Abaco Training Academy (ATA), a training center focused on facilitating high-quality professional training. This new area arises in order to meet the training needs of companies, thus contributing to the increase of their competitiveness.

In addition to training services, the Abaco Training Academy will provide its clients with a turnkey recruitment service, that is, it will select the candidates, provide them with the appropriate training and then insert them into their clients. The goal of this new service is to accelerate the integration project and increase the productivity of new elements in companies.

With respect to the segment of the general public, Abaco Training Academy focuses on the transmission of knowledge in order to contribute to the development and success of each individual. With dates scheduled to start on September 25 in Porto and on October 2 in Lisbon, the Abaco Training Academy will offer its first courses, enrolling 12 trainees in each action during the 300-hour period with the objective of forming Consultants in Integrated Information Systems (SAP), transmitting a set of soft and hard skills essential for the performance of this profession.

The trainees, when participating in this course, will have the possibility of obtaining a contract of employment in a multinational company, solid and in the growth phase. They will also have the opportunity to participate in international and innovative projects, as well as to obtain continuous training from the first day of work, a year of mentoring by the ATA Director and a training with a strong practical side, through group dynamics.

The participants will be guided by a team of Senior Consultants, who will then evaluate them in 8 modules, both at the practical and theoretical level, and also the development of a practical mini-project will be required, which will have an impact on their evaluation.

According to Nuno Carvalho, director of the Abaco Training Academy, “it is the goal of Ábaco Consultores, to offer these candidates different opportunities, in a dynamic environment and of continuous collaboration between teams. For us, it is extremely gratifying to be able to provide these young people with a sustained entry into the labor market, establishing a bridge between what they learn in universities and what the labor market really is, “he concludes.

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