Abaco launches cloud service with
S/4HANA Fiori System - Best Practices

abaco cloud

S/4HANA Fiori System

Abaco Consulting, a reference company in the implementation and maintenance of SAP information systems, has developed a new Basis service available to its customers, named Abaco Cloud.

Thinking about its SAP S/4HANA customers, this new service intends to provide S/4HANA systems, without the need to make a high initial investment in HANA\Appliance servers. In 3 days, customers can have a pre-S/4HANA system-configured (Best-Practice) with configured Fiori applications. This is a solution that aims to reduce costs to the customers as well as ensuring that their systems correspond to the best guidelines established by SAP, with regard to the monitoring and optimization of their IT systems. The service will be available in a period of 2/3 days for the use of the S/4HANA “best-practices” system.

Abaco Cloud also incorporates an additional free service of “Abaco Service Management (ASM), a set of tools that will enable monitoring, management and technical support for the S/4HANA environment awarded by the customer.

With the launch of this new solution, Abaco reinforces its notoriety as a leader in the implementation and maintenance of SAP information systems, which aim to improve the operational performance of SAP S/4HANA customers.

abaco cloud

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