Abaco provides solution to help
companies to manage COVID-19

solucao gestao covid19

manage COVID-19

Abaco’s Safemed line incorporates powerful tools to support management processes, inherent to the Occupational Health and Safety activity, which can help companies manage the status of Employees, as well as Contingency Plans

Abaco Consulting, a multinational reference in the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety solutions, has as main objective to continue to be the main support of its Clients. In this sense, it bet on the more in-depth development of its Safemed product, which works as a support system for carrying out management processes, inherent to EHS activity.

Given the fast evolution of the coronavirus and thinking about the real needs of its customers, Abaco Consulting architected and deepened the features of the tool – Safemed, which enables companies to manage their contingency plans and the status of its Employees.

Focused on the management of employees in times of crisis – the COVID module, allows, for example, the management of employees in quarantine/isolation or only in remote work; the identification of jobs with a high risk of contagion; the management of medical or nursing activities related to the COVID-19 outbreak; sending questionnaires to employees, who can individually access the system to answer the questionnaire and view relevant information. It also allows to send notifications to Employees and managers with warnings and recommendations, namely: the sending of relevant documentation or even informing them of the probability of having been in contact with suspicious cases. It also allows the notification of those responsible for crisis management of the change in the status of a certain employee (e.g. the transition to a mandatory quarantine state due to contagion). Additionally, it is also possible to consult lists of suspected cases vs confirmations, which allows the company to control absences and what motivates them, as well as centralize all the organization’s information regarding the pandemic crisis, such as and access to Contingency Plan or other relevant documentation.

“By having a powerful and flexible EHS management software tool, Safemed, it was our goal to use its flexibility to refer a problem that currently affects the whole of society. Through this solution, we intend to enable any organization, regardless of its size, to obtain, quickly and intuitively, an overview of its current situation and how COVID-19 is or could affect its Employees. Helping and encouraging companies to take safer measures that can reduce the risk of contagion, safeguarding the safety of everyone, but at the same time enabling their activity, is what we intend to provide to our Customers and Partners.”, explains João Moreira, CEO of Abaco Consulting.

manage COVID-19

Notification of workers in contact with a suspected case
Absence control due to quarantine
Quarantine workers control cockpit and access to contingency plans

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