Abaco unifies its image with new corporate identity

Abaco Consulting, a Portuguese company of SAP business management solutions, has carried out a renewal of its corporate identity. One of the objectives is to modernize and unify identity in order to function as an umbrella brand for all sub-brands that make up the company’s graphic universe. Strengthening positioning “by highlighting its characteristics of transparency, trust, honesty and dedication, as well as reflecting its evolution and growth” are also among the reasons for the renewal signed by Blending.

“In the year that marks our 15th anniversary, we felt it was time to innovate and change,” says João Moreira, chairman of the company’s board of directors, explaining that “strategically this evolution will allow Abaco to move closer and more consistently. markets where we already operate but, above all, new geographies. ” “On the other hand, it will also help strengthen our position in Portugal, so that we can also implement a talent attraction and retention strategy,” he adds. Abaco Consulting currently has offices in Porto, Lisbon, São Paulo, London and Geneva.

By Meios & Publicidade, Pedro Durães – 24 January, 2019

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