Covid-19: the new reality of Managers

Joao Moreira PCA Abaco Consulting

Interview with João Moreira, CEO of Ábaco Consulting, for N.TECH News:


Due to the fast spread of Coronavirús – COVID-19, many companies had to take preventive measures overnight, without being sure which are the best paths to follow. We were forced to work and live in a way that is not normal for us, but we have to make this new situation an opportunity. This example is teleworking and the incentive for home offices, although this is a job option with increasing importance, worldwide, in the life of organizations, its mandatory and urgent implementation, ended up driving the emergence of new challenges. .

At Abaco, as a result of the services it provides, it has always had Teams working in the office remotely connected to some of its Clients, as well as some Employees already working from home, in support activities in a nearshore model. Therefore, we already had some software tools, systems and communication infrastructures to support remote work, which allowed us to face this situation in a faster and more proactive way, immediately placing our Employees in the home office.

However, applying this model to the entire organization, quickly, and without preparation, although we are used to living with change processes, it was necessary to overcome some difficulties created by this emergency situation, for example, it was necessary to provide some portable computers for children can continue to take classes remotely, thus supporting some Employees who were at home with their dependent children.

On the other hand, we also feel the need to increase communication between the teams: to find work methodologies that help with coordination, visibility and support in the development of each other’s tasks. Still internally, knowing that this is an emergency situation, looking for the dematerialization of all processes in the company where possible, was another challenge that we are trying to overcome but for which the collaboration of our Customers and Partners is essential (100% electronic invoicing, 100% digital financial flows, 100% digitalization of expenses, etc.).

On a personal level, I try to keep exactly the same routines and times that I would have in a normal context, but at home. What changed were the executive committee meetings that went from weekly to three times a week, given the context of a pandemic crisis, and we started to have a weekly meeting with all employees, remotely clear. We believe that at this stage and given that we are all far from each other, it is important to hold a meeting with all Employees at the same time to share the experiences, difficulties and challenges in this new context.

But now, more than ever, it is important to look for new ways to communicate, to explore new opportunities that will certainly exist in this “new world”.

We should not just think about what we are going to do now, it is important that we start taking measures for the “day after” so that we can take precautions and manage, in some way, to reduce this impact on our business.

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