"Digital" and "Remote" are the new
watchwords in companies

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Opinion article by João Moreira, CEO of Abaco Consulting, for Dinheiro Vivo: https://www.dinheirovivo.pt/economia/pandemia-digital-e-remoto-sao-as-novas-palavras-de-ordem-nas-empresas-13019770.html

In the context of a pandemic, it is urgent to eliminate everything that is not agile, because that is the only way to achieve a quick business model to react, says João Moreira, Abaco’s CEO, experienced in strategic plans and changes in organizations. Abaco is a Portuguese company implementing SAP ERP systems – an integrated business management system – and offers solutions to customers in several areas.

The big challenge for companies now becomes the definition and implementation of measures that adapt to the new reality, only then is it possible to build solutions that survive and prosper in this new business scenario. “It is essential that companies prepare themselves to be digital from the sales process until the start of the shipment; from the purchase of the raw material to the production planning; from the recruitment to the compensation and career development models”, he adds João Moreira.

The CEO of Abaco Consulting mentions the importance of companies foreseeing new changes and being ready for unforeseen events that may arise. It is imperative to defend a policy of solidarity ties between customer, supplier, partner and competitor, as the success in overcoming this crisis can only be collective, considers the manager.

“What makes good leadership is the transparent and truthful way we communicate, under any circumstances”. João Moreira, surviving this moment of uncertainty, is not only supporting results or minimizing the economic impact on business, it is also knowing how to remain calm and have confidence in the future: “pointing out a path, mobilizing, motivating and materializing actions in each step that we can follow in this direction. ” It is important to continue to give priority to internal communication and to send messages that encourage tranquility and respect for the imposed rules.

The Abaco CEO believes that teleworking is expected to increase considerably in the near future and that there will therefore be a decrease in the useful work space in the offices. Also the fact that there are fewer trips and less travel time will allow an increase in daily interactions and the respective acceleration of processes. “I see some pressure on delivery capacity and the need for tools to keep up with this pace,” says João Moreira, warning of the speed with which the world of work is changing.

If, on the one hand, the decentralized model of working and negotiating will allow the market to effectively become global, on the other, this “new normal” that we know today also brings some complications. Network security becomes a priority for companies as it is important to protect and strengthen technological infrastructure in the context of a pandemic.

“Regular communication between teams (…) visibility and support in the development of each other’s tasks and the creation of new communication channels that allow contact between customers and partners” are some of the techniques used by Abaco Consulting, which they can easily be implemented in other businesses, in order to envisage a brighter future for companies. F.R.M

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