Ábaco Consultores establishes Protocol with ATP to make textile sector more competitive

The dynamic of this sector and the competence of its execution requires companies in this industry agile tools that simplify their operational processes

Ábaco Consultores and the Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal (ATP) announce the establishment of a Protocol with the objective of making the textile sector more competitive and, at the same time, provide associated companies with the necessary tools to manage all their information.
In this way, these companies will have the support of a team of qualified and experienced professionals, with a deep knowledge of the local business fabric, as well as access to a very sophisticated software, customized and adapted to their different realities.

The use of SAP products will allow these organizations to understand their real planning needs, both at the operational and execution levels of the various textile segments, as well as to manage all the information they process, in a more appropriate and objective way to obtain the results.
With this partnership, Ábaco Consultores consolidates its position as supplier and implementer of SAP solutions in the textile sector. In addition, the company will also support the Textile Industry Forum, building on its extensive experience in the field.

According to Paulo Vaz, Director General of ATP, “the implementation of this protocol is part of the strategic priorities that the Association has for the sector, namely the permanent improvement of corporate management systems in order to make them increasingly competitive and competitive on a global scale.”

According to Nuno Figueiredo, Administrator of Ábaco Consultores, “This protocol represents the continuation of a long-term investment by Ábaco Consultores in the technological development of the textile sector in Portugal, one of the most dynamic sectors and exporter of the Portuguese industry”.