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Learning at TAQA Bratani Ltd.

TAQA Bratani Ltd is a company operating in the Oil & Gas industry, based in the United Kingdom, and which continuously invests in the energy production market. Inserted in the TAQA Global Group – an energy holding company based in Abu Dhabi, which operates in 11 countries and 4 continents, TAQA Bratani Ltd, as a result of the group’s mergers and acquisitions strategy, became independent and, in this sense, needed a training management solution independent from the other companies in the group.

Consisting of different functional profiles and with demanding legal needs, with regard to the training of its employees, for example, in the need for technical knowledge to operate on an energy platform or in a pipeline, with the respective recognition before the local authorities, SAP SuccessFactors Learning was the solution chosen to ensure an effective, reliable, fast and easy-to-monitor management and delivery of training.

Thus, the project, developed by Abaco Consulting, consisted of a reproduction of an SAP SuccessFactors environment from one of the group companies. This project sought to adjust the settings for the new company, as well as the transition of data and history of training and qualifications of employees from different companies in the group to TAQA. On the other hand, it was also necessary to integrate SAP SuccessFactors with other existing SAP solutions, as well as Single Sign On based on Microsoft Azure AD.

In this context, TAQA Britani Ltd, with the integration of this new solution, started to manage training, comply with legal training requirements for permanent and temporary employees. Undeniable improvements in the transition process were also identified, since the solution that served as the basis for reproduction, had critical errors that prevented its operation. In other words, the HR department ended up reporting continuous weeks without access to the system or with critical impediments, which translated into significant impacts on the operation, in particular, the need to report evidence of training to the competent authorities.

This project, which was carried out jointly with our partner in the UK, Absoft Limited, also made it possible to amplify our list of references, in which Abaco also became a reference in the Energy sector and in the Oil & Gas industry.

However, it is important to note that the deadlines defined for this project were fully met, even considering that there were additional hires during the execution of the project and that were integrated in the project’s timeline.

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