Growth in international markets boosts results of Abaco to record value

Ábaco Consultores, a Portuguese multinational company with a presence in Brazil, the United Kingdom and, more recently, Switzerland, has announced record results and a strengthening of its internationalization, with a significant increase in the global business volume of 28%. In order to consolidate growth and create the conditions for its sustainability, the company carried out during 2016 a strong investment in the opening/strengthening of new offices and new business areas.

According to João Moreira, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ábaco Consultores, “Abaco will continue to focus on innovation and growth in international operations, with the prospect for 2017 that, for the first time, international turnover will be the largest contributor to the overall revenue of the Abaco’s Group.”

The company ended the year 2016 with growth in Portugal and Brazil, above 19%. In the case of the United Kingdom, and since the first year of operation is still in progress, it is not possible to present results and comparison with similar periods. EBITDA remained stable despite the investments made in internationalization, demonstrating the efficiency and prudence of the management processes, in a context of strong investment for the company’s growth. The results announced now represent the fourth consecutive year in which the company registers a sustained growth of its turnover.

Broadening the offer of leading solutions and strengthening internationalization sustain growth

The growth of the company has been through the opening of new business areas and reinforcement in the existing ones, is the priority the reinforcement of the international presence. The international operation of the company currently accounts for more than 39% of turnover, a strong growth compared to the 31% registered in 2013. The focus on internationalization was achieved by the continued operation in Brazil and the opening of a new operation in the United Kingdom and more recently in Switzerland, the latter through a partnership.

In the case of London, with only 9 months of activity, the objectives set for the first year of activity were exceeded, with a revenue of more than 800 thousand euros.

In the Brazilian market, where Ábaco has a consolidated presence, the highlight is the first implementation of S/4HANA FMS in Latin America (Fashion Management Solution, the vertical solution for the textile sector), thus maintaining a leading position technological. In addition, the company also entered into two new business verticals: – agribusiness and; – urban mobility and transport.

“After a demanding year in a difficult economic and political context, in 2017, Abaco Brazil will double its revenue in the year in which it celebrates its 7 years of activity,” says Fernando Teixeira, General Director of Ábaco Brazil.

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