How Software can help HR
management after Covid-19

Opinion article by Ângela Santos, Board Member and responsible for talent management at Ábaco Consulting, for InfoRH: [PT Only]

The world changed. Two and a half months ago, when it all started, in the face of the rapid spread of Covid-19, many companies had to take preventive measures overnight, without being sure which are the best ways to go.

Teleworking gained momentum and what was once seen as a fear has now proved to be an adequate solution for more cases than would be expected. Although it is a job option with increasing prominence, worldwide, in the lives of organizations, its mandatory and urgent implementation, ended up driving the emergence of new challenges.

Although all areas are now forced to leave their comfort zone and reinvent themselves, in terms of Human Resources, these challenges are particularly visible and felt by managers. How can they assess the physical and psychological health of Employees when they do not monitor them closely? How can we keep together? How can we continue to empathize with our Customers? How can we show solidarity with these people? There are certainly people in our Clients who are dealing badly with this situation and for whom adaptation is being more difficult, either by the sector in which they find themselves, or by the organization’s own culture.

But, without a doubt, it is essential that we are able, in the midst of uncertainty, to point the way. To maintain tranquility and pass confidence. And teach that. What we know and what we don’t know. What we can or cannot control. Collect information, try to share with other people and other sectors: data, points of view, ideas, actions, and put them into practice with our people. It is essential that an extra effort is made to get closer to our talents. Communicate a lot more. Give and collect more context about each one. Understand your situation and adapt actions and communication to your needs. Develop more actions to foster contact, whether in a professional context or for socializing.

In this context, technology is once again asserting itself as an essential tool for any organization. Technological developments have been beneficial for almost all sectors, especially for companies, which see improved human resource management. What is one of the most difficult areas to manage has now become simpler thanks to the development of new software that, by itself, introduces important changes in the work process – especially with regard to motivation and productivity. We are not talking only about employees, but also about managers and / or other administrative bodies, who recognize that their work has been visibly improved with the implementation of these systems.

In this sense, human resources softwares introduce important added value, mainly in terms of integration, relationship development, learning and even recruitment. But, how do these areas contribute to better team management at such an unusual time?

Using organized technological processes, which enable companies to cross-check all their talents. If, on the one hand, it allowed HR Managers to control whether there are cases of Covid-19 in the organization, when the whole pandemic started, it will now make it possible to carry out this monitoring when returning to the offices. Where all employee data will be managed during this situation of permanent risk, one of the most effective techniques being the elaboration of a Covid-19 form, for example.

With this Add-On and by completing a short questionnaire, it is possible to monitor the health status of employees, as well as the risk of contagion exposure. It is possible to retain the health information of employees in a safe manner, also elaborating an evolutionary history to support the decision-making process to reduce the risk of contagion among all.

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