inCloud for Safemed is the new solution for the EHS market to manage work risks and prevent accidents

In the year 2015 alone, almost 4 million work accidents occurred, just in the European Union. Of those, 3000 resulted in deaths. Apart from these frightening statistics, a simple injurie at work costs companies an average of 37 thousand dollars. If we check the fatalities, the costs per death may go up to 1 million dollars.

To help adress these issues, Abaco Consultores, a reference company in the implementation of SAP solution with offices in Portugal, Brazil, UK and Switzerland, presents inCloud for Safemed, an innovative cloud solution to respond to the EHS market needs.

The main objective of this solution is to support companies in the process of managing risks and improving their worker’s safety, while assuring compliance with all regulations regarding the Health and Safety of their workers.

By applying sophisticated algorithms to data collected by consumer grade wearables (like heart rate and temperature) and environmental sensors (like gas and noise), whilst assuring the worker’s privacy, inCloud for Safemed can identify when a worker is or will be at risk and when the likelihood of it having a work accident.

In addition to the accident prediction module, inCloud for Safemed also gives companies the ability to manage all medical procedures, appointments (assuring compliance with all legal requisites), safety reports and analytics delivered in the form of a web application, capable of adapting to the various types of devices like smartphones or tablets, ensuring an anytime, anywhere approach.

More information about inCloud for Safemed at www.safemed.solution

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