inCloud for Safemed, the future for Safety and Health at Work

A solution developed for Safety and Health at Work, which allows the integrated management of all legislated requirements, including operational management, administrative management, and clinical management.

Ábaco Consultores, a reference company in the implementation of SAP solutions, now announces the availability of its inCloud for Safemed solution, with new functionalities, also for the international market. Following the recent opening of the London and Geneva offices, Abaco now intends to provide this solution to these markets.

In order to gain more and more space in the market, inCloud for Safemed, which goes to the area of Occupational Safety and Health, allows the professionals to manage all the processes associated with this, thus facilitating the day-to-day of all the participants in these processes. In this way, the main objective of this solution is to streamline and streamline business processes and customer relationships. However, this product is adapted not only to the companies that provide this type of services but also to the companies that manage the OSH processes internally.

The main feature of this solution, developed by Ábaco Consultores, is that it operates under a Cloud environment, which allows users access in mobile situations. “The development of this solution focused on the need for mobility of professionals in this sector in order to facilitate their work, since they must be constantly on the move and, therefore, the need to have a solution that can be used in devices that favor mobility has become evident, “says Vera Cunha, Director of EDGE Solutions. “On the side of using the solution on the ground, it must be able to respond to needs and operate in the cloud environment, be adaptable to small and large enterprises, comply with legislation and legal requirements, and allow multi-device access,” she concludes.

One of the main functionalities of the solution is that it allows companies providing OSH services to carry out BackOffice processes, Work Medicine, Food Safety and Hygiene and Safety processes, support in transversal processes (Cost of Exams and MT Consultations, Cost Annual Report, Profitability Analysis, Alerts), support in completing the Single Report (mandatory annual delivery to ACT for all companies) as well as Clinical Management and Noise Analysis Processes.

In addition to these already existing functionalities, a number of new features of this solution were also developed: a Customer and Partner portal was created (total control and access to data by the client and partner of the Occupational Safety and Health processes; reports, documents, fact sheets); Training module (management of the annual training plan, courses, trainers, rooms); the digital signature of the citizen’s card (digital signature of the certificate of identity through the citizen’s card, allowing a certificate of suitability totally free of paper) was included; support in submitting the single report (an obligatory, very complex and time-consuming annual document. Software simplifies this process).

Other functionalities go through the process of adaptation to the new European data protection regime (RGPD); the strengthened focus on data security policies, which is essential for the protection of sensitive information; provision of a system of production of risk and compliance reports, configurable according to each company, as well as an experienced support team with strict support and, finally, provision of an automated system of notices with integrated notification processes .

It is also important to highlight that the objective of InCloud for Safemed is precisely to modernize an area in need of renovation, bringing to the market innovative ways of responding to the needs of the demanding OSH market.

Following the product dissemination strategy, an online demonstration will be held on November 21 at 10:30. Subscriptions to the email

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