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Positive evolution in turnover during 2020

Nuno Figueiredo Abaco Consulting

Interview with Nuno Figueiredo, Board Member, Sales & Marketing at Abaco Consulting, under the item Partner of the Month for IT Channel [PT P Only]: https://www.itchannel.pt/edicoes/it-channel-n-78-junho-2021 (page44)

“Abaco is focused on implementing SAP management tools”

Founded in 2004, Abaco Consulting had a positive evolution in turnover during 2020, where it reached 13 million euros in turnover.

Abaco was founded in 2004 with six people who already worked in consulting and who shared a vision: software adequacy. Currently, they are recognized as a specialist company in the Engineering & Construction, Textile, Clothing & Footwear, Automotive and Food&Beverage sectors.

Abaco Consulting is one of the largest Portuguese companies implementing ERP SAP systems and its ambition is to consolidate this position, through the satisfaction of its customers and employees. The company that presents a differentiated positioning based on three vectors: vertical positioning, technological innovation and human capital. Vertical positioning because its offer is focused on four business sectors where they have a deep knowledge of processes, offering added value compared to a traditional software integrator focused only on technology, reducing the knowledge gap between the end customer and the implementing company , which translates into a reduction in risk, relevant to both parties. Technological innovation based on investment in SAP tools. Abaco Portugal was the first company to have customers in production using the SAP S/4HANA ERP solution, just as Abaco Brasil was the first to have a S/4HANA reference in Latin America. “We were recently distinguished by SAP at national and international level as a reference partner in the adoption of cloud solutions”, reveals Nuno Figueiredo, Board Member of Abaco Consulting. Human capital resides in the organization’s culture, its values ​​and the way it interacts with its customers, employees and partners. Currently, Abaco Consulting employs around 230 employees, spread across the various offices. In 2021, Abaco intends to maintain the growing trend of recruitment, particularly in the areas of innovation and research.

“Abaco is focused on the implementation of SAP management tools and, currently, there has been a growing demand for cloud solutions”, says Nuno Figueiredo. They won the tender for the implementation of the S/4Hana Cloud solution in a Portuguese multinational company, being one of the first implementations of this solution in Portugal, while being one of the biggest businesses in SAP EMEA in 2020.

The organization had a positive evolution in turnover in 2020, ending the best year in its history with a global turnover of around 13 million euros. The company’s growth has entailed opening new business areas and strengthening existing ones, with the priority being the strengthening of its international presence. The company’s international operation currently represents more than 30% of the turnover. The focus on internationalization was achieved with the continuation of investment in the operation in Brazil, the opening of a new operation in the United Kingdom and, more recently, in Switzerland, the latter through a Partnership. Abaco Consulting has an approach to the international market based on two methods: through the opening of its own offices and/or through local partners and, alternatively, through services in a nearshore model.

“SAP is the manufacturer we work with the most, being Abaco an official SAP Partner in Portugal, Brazil and the United Kingdom. In Portugal and Brazil, we are holders of the Gold Partner Partnership level”, he explains. In addition to SAP, they also work with some software manufacturers that have complementary solutions to SAP, such as Petapilot (fiscal audit) and GlobalSolver (optimization of negotiation in the purchasing process). In Portugal they have numerous partners. On the one hand, those who have the same activity as Abaco (Consulting in the IT area) and with whom they carry out joint projects such as Besteam (Switzerland), Softinsa, Milestone, Rebis and SBXC, and also the clients with whom they have established a long-standing relationship and that fall under the category of Partners.

• Abaco was distinguished by SAP nationally and internationally as a reference partner in the adoption of cloud solutions;
• Differentiated positioning based on vertical positioning, technological innovation and human capital;
• The company’s international operation currently represents more than 30% of the turnover.