Safemed launches “Kube”, a powerful
data analysis tool

Abaco Consulting, a Portuguese multinational reference in the implementation of SAP solutions, intends to continue betting on its internationalization and its products, namely Safemed, with the launch of a new tool, Kube, for data collection and processing related to environmental, health and safety (EHS).

As environmental, health and safety software, Safemed enables data collection from a variety of sources. This data may be, for example, related to Occupational Safety and Health or data relating to the operation and management of a company providing or performing internal EHS services. Until now, it was possible to collect and build various metrics with the base system, however, the need for additional dynamism was noticeable and not possible in the base version of the Safemed system.

With these needs in mind, the Safemed team has designed and developed a new cloud-specific data analysis and processing tool, Kube, which communicates with the Safemed database to extract dynamic and complete metrics.

For example, Kube allows for the simplified creation of epidemiological studies associated with registered workers in the system, giving an immediate overview of potential incidences of a particular clinical problem grouped by different factors. Thus, any organization can quickly and intuitively gain insight that a particular job has a high incidence of certain potentially improving personal habits through targeted health promotion actions.

Another crucial component of Kube is supporting operational processes that are often time consuming and bureaucratic processes. Tasks such as scheduling management, clients with longer scheduling delays, forecast vs realized analyzes or profitability analyzes by type of service are processes that become practically direct visualization through the use of this tool.

Kube’s overarching goal is to take weight off organizations and provide a global and expert view on several extremely relevant factors of an organization whose core is the management of Occupational Safety and Health services, offering its users an added competitive advantage.

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