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In order to simplify the message sent to our Customers and future Customers, a rebranding of the products corresponding to the Safemed line was developed.

To Abaco, the main objective is to support its Customers transforming their business, continuing the work developed last year, in which we completely renewed Abaco’s image. This year, we felt it was time to change again, to innovate and to further differentiate our products, in order to continue creating new chapters in our history.

Continuing to follow the growth of our Clients and being able to contribute to their success, through agility, simplicity, focus on the Client, passion and pioneering spirit, is one of Abaco’s main objectives and which were at the origin of this rebranding. As such, we intend to be one step ahead in the digitalization of management processes, so that we can give our Customers the best and most appropriate solutions for their business.

In this context, we made some changes to the Safemed line logos. The old logo contained the words “inCloud”, which we stop using; in the word “Safemed”, the “med” was in bold, more focused on the occupational medicine. With the brand-new image, we inverted this message: Safemed is now more focused on Security, which allows us to be closer to what are the real needs of the international markets in which we want to be present, not forgetting the proximity with the medicine-related component.

Accompanying this update will also come an update to the Safemed user interface, maintaining all the features and user experience that characterize it, but with a smoother, clean and modern aspect, thus following the lines of the new image.

However, given that visual coherence is essential for Abaco, in which we believe it is important to create a common link that represents the ability to adapt management solutions to different contexts and applications.

This new image aims to be in line with what Abaco’s identity really is: a dynamic and innovative company. In this sense, we invite you to walk with us, together, to create a new chapter in the history of Abaco.

ehs safemed

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