Safety and Heath at work in
global pandemic times

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Opinion article by Ângela Santos, Board Member of Ábaco Consulting, for Jornal Económico:


Technology appears, now more than ever, as an essential tool to help organizations manage their contingency plans and the state of their employees.

Health and safety have always gone hand in hand within organizations, in order to ensure efficient working conditions for the well-being of their employees. But, if Health and Safety at Work (OHS) was already a huge challenge for the management of organizations, regardless of its size, now it has become even greater.

In the last few days, we have witnessed the rapid evolution of Covid-19 – caused by the new Coronavirus, in which companies were forced to implement contingency plans and had to take a set of measures, covering all their Employees, and guaranteeing that the essential principles for their protection were fulfilled.

In order to respond to this totally atypical scenario, technology appears, now more than ever, as an essential tool to help organizations manage their contingency plans and the status of their employees, in addition to managing a workforce. work distributed remotely.

Simplify all the processes inherent to this area, better control and manage employees in quarantine or only in remote work, know who are the people belonging to higher risk groups and identify jobs with high risk of contagion, making a more effective and efficient use of technology will undoubtedly harmonize all processes related to certifications or compliance with all mandatory standards in order to guarantee all employees the greatest security, in the face of this global pandemic.

And it also allows you to communicate assertively and quickly with all stakeholders of this type of information (authorities, market, employees, management, shareholders …). In this way, it has never made so much sense to bet on management software that can provide all the necessary support to managers, at a time when the processes with which they have to worry are immense, but above all that allows a monitoring and follow-up of the state in that each of your employees is in and how these states can evolve over time.

Betting on an adequate solution, more than reducing costs, also makes it possible to maximize and streamline the management processes of medical or nursing activities related to the Covid-19 outbreak. And to make the whole process more agile, it also allows you to send notifications to employees and managers, with warnings and recommendations, namely: sending or uploading relevant documentation, alerts and contingency plans by sector of activity (for service providers), or even inform them of the likelihood of having been in contact with suspicious cases.

On the other hand, it is still possible to develop reports of suspected cases vs. confirmations, which allows companies to control absences by quarantine and quick access to the contingency plan.

At a time when safety and speed of action are the key words, organizations should seek to include solutions that allow them to obtain, quickly and intuitively, an overview of their current situation and how Covid-19 is, or may be affecting your employees.

Taking safer measures that can reduce the risk of contagion, safeguarding everyone’s safety, but at the same time, enabling your activity (looking for a quick replacement in the job, for example, or anticipating problems in your projects or customers), is what organizations must now keep in mind.

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