Technological trends: What covid taught us

joao moreira abaco consulting

Opinion article by João Moreira, CEO of Abaco Consulting, published in Dinheiro Vivo [PT Only]:

Every year we discuss what are the emerging technologies for that year, whether we are going to see new ones appear or whether it will only be the consolidation of existing ones. And when 2020 started, it was no different. We all thought it was going to be a very positive year and expectations were very high. But suddenly, almost overnight, we saw the world change. Stop. Confine. The reality we knew had disappeared and the distance and distance had become watchwords.

After almost 1 year, we would like to say that everything is back to normal, but unfortunately it is not yet the right time and we will not know when it will be. A lot happened and 2020 was a heavy, sad, lonely year, but in terms of technology we can say that it was undoubtedly a year of evolution, growth and in which companies had to invest in their digital maturity, in view of the new needs. And the truth is that globally we made the biggest technological leap on record and, proof of that, is that according to a recent study by IDC, investments at a global level in digital transformation rose 10.4% last year, reaching a total of 1.3 trillion dollars.

In this way, the pandemic has intensified technological innovation, as well as the investment strategies of almost all companies in the world, since the economic and socio-economic challenges have made it clear that IT is fundamental for companies to survive.

Technology has never played a more decisive role in the lives of organizations and individuals than it does today and this appropriation is, in fact, transforming business models, changing preferences and tools to support companies’ activities. According to IDC, investments in digitization will continue to progress in the future and will account for 65% of the world’s GDP to be digitized by 2022.

Digital is no longer a trend, but a requirement. Possibly last year, we did not identify many technological or business developments, but we certainly accelerated many of the trends that were still taking their first steps. 2020 has opened up numerous possibilities for any organization, by allowing the integration of new tools and areas such as Data Analytics, Cloud / SaaS (Software as a Service), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation), which have become fundamental and will certainly continue to play an essential role this year.

More and more companies are looking for turnkey solutions, with the concept of “all inclusive”, making Software as a Service solutions increasingly more adept. The major software manufacturers have also invested heavily in this segment and we will see a significant increase in this area throughout this year.