"There will be some pressure, driven by
remote work, on delivery capacity"

joao moreira abaco consulting

Testimony of João Moreira, CEO of Abaco Consulting for Revista Líder, 13th Edition, January 2021

“Nothing will be as it was before” should be the phrase that we have read and heard the most recently, not least because we all realize that more and more the remote will be part of our culture. But if, on the one hand, the fact that there are fewer trips will allow an increase in daily interactions and the pace at which we make (or receive) decisions will accelerate. On the other hand, regardless of the existing technology, distance and teleworking will inevitably create problems in the cultures of organizations. We are human beings and we undoubtedly need to relate and this I think may be one of the most difficult problems to solve because we do not have an obvious solution indicated.

There will also be some pressure, driven by telecommuting, on the ability to deliver and the need for tools to keep up with this pace. In the same vein, the tools for monitoring and monitoring health and safety at work will definitely be on the agenda, as it is necessary to continue to react quickly. Although this whole new world represents an enormous challenge and responsibility for Leaders, the good news is that, through technology, we can transform the whole situation into an opportunity to improve the way we all do our business. In this new and unknown future, everything is a candidate for change. So, why not use this opportunity to proactively challenge long-standing rules and lead the way to a stronger sector that is able to offer better customer experiences?