What to expect in the world of organizations

Testimony by Ângela Santos, Board Member and responsible for the development of Human Capital at Abaco Consulting for CHRLP Magazine, pages 8-10 [PT Only]: https://wisloc.com/crhlp-no23/

What can we expect from a post-Covid era in the world of organizations? What will be left of these remote work times? What new habits will have been created? And new strategies? Questions that are the starting point of this article.


Talents will be the centerpieces in the adaptation process

Ângela Santos, ‘board member’ and responsible for talent management at Abaco Consulting, argues that “the main priority is not to focus on returning ‘to what was before’, but rather adapting to a new reality, with new demands, and above all we continue to deliver to customers with the same level of quality». And he adds: “It’s possible that the main changes we feel are in the way companies will relate to customers, partners and employees.”

The responsible, who was part of the group of founders of the technology in 2004, having played various roles throughout the company’s growth phases – from implementation and project management, through responsibility for operations, to current functions -, continues : “I think we can already see that we are just as efficient in remote mode, so I think telecommuting will increase considerably and we will see a decrease in usable working space in offices. In the same vein, the fact that there is less travel will allow for an increase in daily interactions, and the pace at which we make (or receive) decisions will accelerate. I see some pressure on the capacity to deliver and on the need for tools that allow us to keep up with this pace.”

«Telework forced us to be closer to our teams and to discover that even far away physically we can deal with unexpected, urgent situations, but also to find within us the positive force that guides us and that has allowed us and continues to allow us to reinforce our organizational culture”, shares Ângela Santos, who has a degree in International Economic and Political Relations from the University of Minho and an MBA in Management and Marketing at Porto Business School. And she continues: “It is companies with a strong culture that trust their talents the most and empower them to improvise those that adapt more easily. For this, it is essential to connect and bring employees together around relevant discussions and share critical information about the organization.”

And to conclude, he leaves a warning: «We can never forget that each person is unique, has different experiences and expectations, and can contribute in different ways. A human resources manager must articulate his people, opening the way to what they do best and complementing the various talents in a team, focusing them on a purpose. If we combine this with a general ‘mindset’ of focus on collaborators, of ‘humanity’ in the organization of processes designed to improve the experience of people (whether together or distributed, but always connected) and involvement for contribution, talents will be effectively the centerpieces in the process of constant adaptation that a company is forced to face today.”

Abaco Consulting has its headquarters in the city of Porto, as well as offices in Lisbon, São Paulo, London and Geneva. The company is considered a reference in SAP management software consulting, currently comprising around 250 specialized consultants and having its business focused on three key areas: implementation and maintenance of SAP information systems and product development. Abaco Consulting already operates on three continents, in the various SAP solutions (SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business All-in-One and SAP Cloud Solutions) and with its own solutions.

Text: Just Media