Privacy policy

The current privacy policy refers how Abaco Consulting collects and processes your personal data as well as the way the Legal Obligations concerning your personal data are being executed by the General Data Protection Regulation. Your personal data and privacy are important to us and that’s why Abaco Consulting has the Duty of protecting your data.

If you have any question about Abaco Consulting Privacy Policy you can contact us by letter to Rua Engenheiro Ferreira Dias 924, 1ª Sala 11 in Porto or if you want to do it by phone to +351 226 007 678 or by fax +351 226 007 679 or you can reach us by e-mail to

Abaco Consulting’ Privacy Policy can be updated if there are changes on the General Data Protection Regulation, so if you want to be informed and updated, you can do so by contacting us.

A. Who collects your personal data and who is responsible for handling them?

Your data is collected by Abaco Consulting and are the responsibility of VAR3F, Consultoria Informática e Sistemas, S.A.


B. How is your personal data collected and what kind of data is collected?

We define personal data by all that can be used to identify a user, for instance, your name, e-mail, job title and other personal information that can be provided by you.

Abaco Consulting can collect your data in different ways. The personal data we deal with comes from the information supplied by you while filling the forms available in our website, it can also be provided from spontaneous applications sent by the recruitment tab in Abaco Consulting website. Your personal data can also be acquired after telephonic contacts or e-mail.

Abaco Consulting can also collect your personal data as long as they are provided by yourself in events, job fairs, business fairs and workshops.

If you send us a spontaneous application or if you are a possible candidate to a job offer in Abaco Consulting, the data collected will only refer to your name, age, contact data, fiscal identity number, social security number, education and professional experience, immigration status if your nationality is not within the European Union and other data that are important and necessary to add to your application.

If you are a customer, Abaco Consulting will need to collect information about your company that are necessary to supply services, like contractual data needed to develop and consolidate the contract that is agreed between both parties.

If you are a supplier, Abaco Consulting will need some information as a warranty regarding products and services as well as it will need the same data for payments and taxation execution.

Abaco Consulting can also collect some data automatically through the use of cookies. This data is collected when you visit our website and are stored to enhance your online experience and searches every time your visit us online.

Cookies will allow Abaco Consulting to customize your visit to our website in accordance with your interests and needs, as registered and saved by our cookie tool.

We use cookies to store data like personal preferences, search history, visit timing, download error logs and other data concerning your interaction with our webpage.


C. What’s the objective of processing and treating your personal data?

Processing and treating your personal data is essential to contact clients, issuing contracts with suppliers, answering information regarding commercial contacts and managing the recruitment processes.


D. Safety of your personal data

Abaco Consulting reserves the right to assure the confidentiality and safety of all personal data that could be supplied by clients, suppliers, candidates to job applications as well as any individual that contacts Abaco Consulting asking any kind of information.

The access to your data is only allowed in the terms above and only when needed and with your previous knowledge to ensure the contractual obligations of confidentiality regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation.


E. Who do we share your data with?

Abaco Consulting states that some of your personal data like your name and e-mail could be added to marketing tool platforms that will be used only internally by the company.

The platform used will be E-goi and will have the objective of sending newsletters as long as your consent is provided to that end. It is important to empathize that E-goi is protected by the General Data Protection Regulation and all the data provided will not be handed out to third parties.


F. How long will your personal data be kept?

Your personal data will only be kept during as long as needed and for the means they were collected. Abaco Consulting will exclude your personal data after this time except if there is your express consent otherwise.


G. What are your Rights?

It is your Right at any time to inform, request, access, update, delete and limit your personal data under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27th April 2016.

It is also your Right to proceed to complaint to the National Control Authority about how we treat your personal data to the Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados in Rua de São Bento, nº 148, 3º, 1200-821 Lisboa, telephone +351 213928400, fax +351 213976832 or e-mail to

Abaco Consulting commits to the Duty of handling your personal data carefully and with accuracy covered by the General Data Protection Regulation to assure the effectiveness of your rights and confidentiality.


H. Other details about the privacy policy

Abaco Consulting assumes your acceptance of this Privacy Agreement. Abaco Consulting reserves the right to change this agreement without previous warning when there are changes in our services and when there are changes in the General Data Protection Regulation that involve a significant change on how we collect and treat your personal data.

Your satisfaction is very important to us and if you have any doubt concerning how we collect and treat your data please do contact us.


Last Update: 27/01/2020