Textile, Apparel & Footwear

Textile, Apparel & Footwear

For the correct performance of the Textile Industry’s value chain, it is necessary to take into account the sector’s own dynamics, as well as the competence of its execution. It is a short life cycle with numerous characteristics of its own, which requires companies in this industry to have agile tools and to simplify their operational processes as much as possible.

The globalization process and the increase in exports

The globalization process and the increase in exports to international markets of this entire industry are also factors to be taken into account, since, in addition to operational support tools, tools to support the Distribution Chain are also necessary.

As such, in order to compete successfully in an ordering environment adapted to each customer, companies in the Textile Sector need to accurately meet their delivery deadlines, minimize inventories and production costs and reduce waste.

In this context, SAP has developed a solution to meet the challenges of the supply chain, support business processes, such as order order confirmation, production management, raw material management and resource management.

Thus, through the use of the SAP solution for this sector, organizations will be able to understand their real needs for planning at the operational level and for the execution of the various textile segments: from spinning to confection. We provide tools that guarantee the efficiency of production processes, which are so important considering the global competitive environment. The integration of solutions, based on the latest technology, gives customers quick responses in all the company’s operations, whether in the financial, tax and industrial control areas.


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